Onsite Solutions

ESMI | A Clean Earth Company offers onsite thermal desorption units capable of treating hazardous, non-hazardous, and high moisture content media at your project location. Modeling and experience developed over 28 years of operation allows ESMI to provide quick and accurate answers to your specific project questions and needs.

ESMI also performs treatability studies to provide real time input as to how feasible thermal desorption is for the waste stream. If you are considering onsite thermal treatment, please review our Onsite Evaluation Guide and contact us.

IPTD Heated Box

In addition to typical thermal desorption technologies, ESMI also offers the IPTD® Heated-Box (HB1100) thermal treatment solution, in conjunction with TerraTherm, Inc. The HB1100 is ideal for onsite projects that require indirect thermal treatment of between 2,000 and 10,000 tons.

The HB1100 is an innovative, cost effective onsite treatment solution ideal for projects that require indirect thermal treatment of between 2,000 and 10,000 tons of material. The HB1100 leverages thermal conductive heating (TCH) to transfer heat through the material until the target treatment temperature is achieved and is capable of treating virtually all VOC, CVOC and SVOC contaminants including, but not limited to: PCBs, pesticides, PAHs, and MGP waste. Each unit can treat up to 100 CY per cycle and multiple units can be in operation at any given time depending upon the quantity of material and required treatment timeframe.

Onsite Projects Completed

  • New York; Site Contaminant: PCB
  • New York; Site Contaminant: PCB
  • Utah; Site Contaminant: Explosive Residuals
  • Massachusetts; Site Contaminant: Explosive Residuals
  • Ohio; Site Contaminants: PERC, PCA
  • New York; Site Contaminants: PCE, TCE