Our Services

Soil Treatment & Recycling

ESMI | A Clean Earth Company is an industry leader in the use of thermal desorption technology for the remediation, recycling, and beneficial reuse of contaminated materials all while significantly reducing the generators liability. With the ability to reach operational temperatures of 1000⁰F, the successful treatment of material contaminated with coal tar, polychlorinated biphenyls, conventional fuels, and solvents is easily attainable.

Onsite Solutions

ESMI | A Clean Earth Company offers onsite thermal desorption solutions capable of treating hazardous, non-hazardous, and high moisture content media at your project location. Modeling and experience developed over 25 years of operation allows ESMI to provide quick and accurate answers to your specific project questions and needs. Visit our Onsite Solutions page to learn more.

Material Drying & Amendment

Moisture removal from materials such as sand, stone, mine tailings, and paper mill sludge in preparation for beneficial reuse. Whether it is drying paper mill sludge for animal bedding, drying mine tailings for reuse in abrasive products, drying sands for utilization in home building products, or drying process sludge’s to enhance metal recovery, ESMI | A Clean Earth Company will work with you to develop a program to dry your material. Keep in mind that ESMI can perform such services at your business location as well with our portable units.

Beneficial Reuse & Fill Material

ESMI | A Clean Earth Company offers thermally treated soil for sale as backfill for project sites ranging from residential to industrial applications. All soil destined for sale must meet the requirements set forth by New York and New Hampshire beneficial reuse. Please note that the thermal desorption process does not alter the structural integrity of the soils. Gradation and proctor analyses can be provided upon request. ESMI also has the ability to provide and deliver rubble, stone, sand, topsoil, and mulch to your project site to further support project needs. Backhauling of these products can assist in cutting project costs.

Material Management

Let ESMI | A Clean Earth Company take care of managing unwanted materials or wastes from your remediation or development project, or byproducts from your production or manufacturing process. We’ll evaluate and implement an efficient and cost effective solution to help minimize the impact that those materials or wastes have on your bottom line and the environment.


Whether it is transporting contaminated soil, front hauling treated soil or other fill material, or providing and picking up roll-offs, ESMI | A Clean Earth Company can offer transportation services to support your business opportunities.