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ESMI | A Clean Earth Company is proud to serve a diverse list of clients including Fortune 100 and 500 companies, the US EPA, state regulators,
the US Military and regional contractors, engineers, geologists and environmental firms.
Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experiences with ESMI.


“Todd Calder makes moving soil fast and easy (even when it’s end of the day on a Friday)! I have options and facilities that are closer, but don’t compare to the customer service I receive with ESMI. The cost to truck it a little further for thermal treatment is never an issue – they are always comparable and fair. I’ve utilized ESMI’s services for numerous projects and Todd is always accommodating with scheduling and pricing.   They are my “go-to” for soil disposal.”
Jacqueline Trosclair; Island Pump and Tank Corp.

“I’ve worked with Todd on over one hundred projects, and he’s never been the weak link. I can count on a fast response for acceptance, a reasonable price for thermal destruction, and the ability to move soil off a project site in a timely manner, if not the same day. He really keeps us moving, which is so important to our lean project schedules and limited on-site work space. Todd is a solid partner in accomplishing what we do.”
Tim Johncox; Stewarts Shops

“Since 2001 my firm has had the honor of dealing with ESMI and Mr. Todd Calder on hundreds of sites that my firm had been hired to remediate the soils on. There has never been an issue with any location we’ve done with Todd
and his crew. Outstanding professionals all. We would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of thermal soil destruction.”
Bob Noel; E&FS

“I have been affiliated with ESMI, in both New York and New Hampshire, since their inception in the early 1990s. Both Mike Phelps (NH) and Todd Calder (NY) have always accommodated my various firms and myself for every petroleum contaminated soil project involving thermal treatment – whether it’s picking-up half frozen soil on a -30 degree Vermont morning over unplowed roads or staying until sundown in New York to complete a job in the heat of July. ESMI has always provided a very professional and well run service. I consider them an extension of my company as they are an integral part of any of my jobs in New England or New York involving the removal and treatment of contaminated soils.”
– Paul Miller

Ryder entered into a Master Services Agreement with ESMI almost 20 years ago. During that period, we have had projects located in eight states and of varying types. Regardless of the size of the project, Todd Calder and ESMI have provided exemplary service and competitive pricing. It is for this reason that we continue to contact ESMI when the need arises to manage impacted soils.

– Carrie Vinch; Ryder

“The benefits of thermal treatment, the reduced liability and reuse of the materials, are quite obvious and makes ESMI an attractive option. However, ESMI has created a vast chasm from their competition by providing great environmental compliance, ease of approvals, flexible scheduling and stellar customer service. Todd Calder and Pete Hansen have excelled at being highly competent professionals, who are user friendly.”
Paul M. Misiaszek, CHMM; Intertek – PSI

“I have known Todd Calder for almost twenty years and the folks here at Aztech Environmental have worked on at least 100 projects, if not more with Todd and ESMI of NY. We have always believed in providing our customers with the best service while eliminating our customers’ liability on impacted soil by advocating thermal treatment technology. ESMI of NY and its team is not only a first class facility but they are our number one choice when it comes to handling our customers’ impacted soil needs. Their facility is pristine, their record with the DEC is unblemished, the trucks and drivers they provide are the best in the industry, their same day turn around on project approval helps expedite our projects and their customer service is the best in the industry. Todd is an honest, funny, and straightforward character.  This all helps making our projects move smoothly.  I trust Todd and my book trust and honesty are huge especially in this business. My team and I look forward to many more years of doing business together.”  – Mary Passaretti; President – Aztech Environmental Technologies

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