2017: A Quarter Century Milestone for ESMI Companies

25 years ago a group of innovative partners saw their vision and efforts come to life as the ESMI Companies began commercial operations at our Loudon, New Hampshire location. There are many factors that have played into ESMI’s success with, by far, the primary factors being our loyal clients as well as our team of employees that work together to serve our clients and accomplish every aspect of our business.

ESMI’s Loudon location was the first true thermal treatment facility of its kind in New England, along with being the only contaminated soil treatment facility in the United States that was built to meet virtually all of the hazardous waste regulations. During development, three main goals were established that ESMI has never wavered from:

1)     To build and retain the best team of professional employees in the environmental industry,

2)     A commitment to operating our facility in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, and

3)     To be the best company in our industry by providing the best customer service, solutions and products.

Thanks to the hard work and loyalty of our clients and team of employees, ESMI has been able to accomplish amazing feats over the course of the past 25 years, including treating and recycling nearly seven (7) million tons of contaminated materials between our fixed facilities and portable treatment units. Treating and recycling this quantity of material in a quarter century can be looked at as a success in itself, but we’re just getting started. We look forward to the next 25 years, and beyond.

ESMI Companies is Proud to Announce the Heated-Box (IPTD® HB1100) for Onsite Thermal Treatment

ESMI Companies, in conjunction with TerraTherm, Inc. and their patented heating technology, is excited to now offer the IPTD® Heated-Box (HB1100) as a portable, indirect thermal desorption solution for onsite treatment of contaminated soil, sediment and other materials.

The IPTD® HB1100 is a large, insulated steel container capable of treating a wide variety of contaminants including VOCs, CVOCs, SVOCs, PCBs and dioxins via thermal conduction heating (TCH). The heat is transferred from the steel, which is heated by electric heaters, to the material that has been loaded into the box. Once the target temperature is achieved, the soil is cooled and rehydrated in preparation for unloading and confirmatory sampling.

Contact your ESMI representative for additional information.

Codie Bascue, ESMI Sponsored USA Bobsled Athlete, Continues to Shine

On February 27th, ESMI sponsored USA Bobsled athlete Codie Bascue (Whitehall, NY) claimed his two first place medals atop of the podium in Park City, Utah. He piloted his two-man bobsled to winning times in consecutive days in the Park City North American Cup bobsled races, continuing his push to be a part of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The great results did not stop there as Bascue piloted his four-person bobsled to another victory, along with a second place finish, during the next two days. ESMI is excited to see Bascue continuing to succeed and wishes him the best in his upcoming North American Cup races in Lake Placid, NY. See below for Bascues’ results and follow the respective links for complete results from the two and four man bobsled races.

Two-man Bobsled Race #1

1st Codie Bascue and Nathan Gilsleider (USA) 1:38.19 (49.10, 49.09); Complete results

Two-man Bobsled Race #2

1st Codie Bascue and Adrian Adams (USA) 1:38.29 (49.19, 49.10);Complete results

Four-person Bobsled Race #1

2nd Codie Bascue, David Cremin, Nathan Gilsleider, Adrian Adams (USA) 1:37.34 (48.59, 48.75); Complete results

Four-person Bobsled Race #2

1st Codie Bascue, David Cremin, Nathan Gilsleider, Adrian Adams (USA) 1:37.58 (48.79, 48.79); Complete results

ESMI Key Component to Liberty Hill MGP Remediation

ESMI of New Hampshire, working in conjunction with our clientele, successfully recycled soils from one of the largest remediation projects to date in the State of New Hampshire. Soil contaminated with manufactured gas plant (MGP) waste was treated by ESMI’s thermal desorption system and recycled as backfill at the project site to re-establish disturbed areas.

To learn more about the project please view the following link: http://www.laconiadailysun.com/index.php/newsx/local-news/88126-last-truck-from-liberty-hill

Is thermal desorption the right remediation technology for your project site? Contact Us to discuss how thermal desorption could benefit you and your client.