ESMI Companies is Proud to Announce the Heated-Box (IPTD® HB1100) for Onsite Thermal Treatment

ESMI Companies, in conjunction with TerraTherm, Inc. and their patented heating technology, is excited to now offer the IPTD® Heated-Box (HB1100) as a portable, indirect thermal desorption solution for onsite treatment of contaminated soil, sediment and other materials.

The IPTD® HB1100 is a large, insulated steel container capable of treating a wide variety of contaminants including VOCs, CVOCs, SVOCs, PCBs and dioxins via thermal conduction heating (TCH). The heat is transferred from the steel, which is heated by electric heaters, to the material that has been loaded into the box. Once the target temperature is achieved, the soil is cooled and rehydrated in preparation for unloading and confirmatory sampling.

Contact your ESMI representative for additional information.

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